Master Mixologists (Leader Telegram)

In 1960, Coyne Callaghan Sr. teamed with Charlie Phillips, who had developed an industrial mixer in the basement of his feed mill. Callaghan’s interest was fueled by farmers who would bring their corn to the mill in the fall. The produce would be moist, making it difficult to mix into feed with other ingredients such as molasses. The eventual result was the Rollo-Mixer, a device that provides uniform mixing, blending and coating capabilities.

Continental Products Corp. soon was born. The company has an office in Milwaukee and a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Osseo. Callaghan, 85, lives in Milwaukee but is still hands-on with the business, commuting regularly to Osseo. He has five sons who now work for the business as well: Coyne Jr., Tom, Bill, Jim and John. “Every time a Callaghan joins the business, they bring something different to the company,” said John, 36. “The Fortune 500 companies we deal with like the fact it’s a family business. And we give them… (click the link below for full article)