Controlled Release Fertilizers Made in the Mk IX Batch Coater

Today’s leading manufacturers of polymer coated slow release fertilizers use the Continental Rollo-Mixer Mk IX Batch Coater. Even dispersions of two-part polymers are accurately sprayed directly onto a wide variety of fertilizer substrates. Microfilm layers are uniformly applied to the entire surface area of ureas, mini ureas and NPK fertilizer products. The Mk IX batch coater can facilitate heating and cooling of the drum and product to achieve an optimum result with controlled release fertilizers.

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Controlled Release Fertilizer Samples made with Rollo-Mixers®

See the variety of slow release fertilizers made in the Mk IX Rollo-Mixer Batch Coater. These are samples from some of the leaders in the industry, who use the Mk IX industrial mixer for controlled release fertilizers to micro-layer urea with varying slow release values. This creates optimum longevity and coverage in regional areas. Many professional golf courses and playing fields have these slow release fertilizers keeping them lush and green.

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We invite you to run trials our 10 cu ft Mk IX Batch Coater, and take samples with your Slow Release Fertilizers at our facility in Wisconsin. Watch as substrates are gently blended, evenly coated with layers of resins and hardened for completion.

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