Blending, Casing & Flavoring Tobacco in the Rollo-Mixer ®

The Mk VII-1 Continental Rollo-Mixer® is used to gently and uniformly blend large batches of smokeless tobacco, while evenly distributing liquid flavors and casings in free-fall. It is an efficient mixer for flavoring tobacco — where even liquid dispersions are sprayed onto both fine and long cut tobacco without making lumps or balls. The Rollo-Mixer is an excellent industrial mixer for blending tobacco. Used by major manufacturers of cigarettes and smokeless products in pilot and production settings.

We apply wintergreen and other flavors to long and short tobacco.  We can now produce in 45 minutes what used to take 8 hours!  We utilize both water wash & rinse cycles efficiently. The Mixer performs beautifully! ” – Leading Smokeless tobacco manufacturer

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Tobacco Samples made with Rollo-Mixers ®

The Rollo-Mixer is ideal for casing and flavoring smokeless tobacco. Our customers make some of the most well-known products in the tobacco industry — some you will see here. Cigarette blends and specialty pipe tobaccos are combined and gently divided while receiving small amounts of various liquids evenly with Free-Fall Processing®.

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We invite you to our test facility in Wisconsin to run trials with the 10 cu ft Mk VI Rollo-Mixer®. Watch your products be uniformly blended, or treated with liquids in multiple ways exclusively through “Free-Fall Processing”®

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