Blending & Flavoring Gourmet Tea in the Rollo-Mixer®

The Rollo-Mixer Mk VII-1 is used by major tea makers for gently blending and flavoring a wide variety of teas. It is ideal for blending gourmet tea uniformly in 3 minutes with no damage. From private label gourmet teas with multiple enhancements to standard instant tea blends, the Rollo-Mixer provides gentle, uniform blends at 3 rpm, while evenly dispersing flavors onto the tea. Our tea customers prefer free-fall Processing® for adding liquid flavors evenly and accurately. We have been told that the Rollo-Mixer® allows them superior finesse for fine tuning private label blends more accurately than other industrial mixers for gourmet tea that were tested. The ability to vary the batch size in the Rollo-Mixer is excellent. Air purge amplifiers and wash out nozzles allow our customers easy cleaning and quick batch turnover.

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Grourmet Tea Samples made with Rollo-Mixers®

On display in this sample gallery are just a few of the hundreds of private label combinations of gourmet tea with enhancements and flavors the Rollo-Mixer makes.  Perhaps you have had some of the leading brands of teas made in the Rollo-Mixer before.  Those were the ones that tasted the best!  Notice how evenly dispersed and intact the leafy teas and the enhancements come out

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We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Rollo-Mixer® and take samples with your Gourmet Tea and enhancements at our facility in Wisconsin. Where you can watch as your teas are gently and uniformly blended or flavored with liquids exclusively through "Free-Fall Processing"®

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