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The Continental engineering team is a difference-making resource to those looking to optimize their batch mixing, blending and coating applications with the Rollo-Mixer®. Not only do we design Rollo-Mixer® blending and coating systems using Autocad and Solidworks, but we also work with many Fortune 500 customers who rely on our experience and expertise. Working directly with our customers gives them a distinct advantage, as they can utilize our engineers for help at any time. Since we work with leading manufacturers in over 20 industries, Continental is a great resource for those who are just discovering Rollo-Mixer® industrial mixer designs. Each system is assembled at our plant prior to shipment for an easy bolt up installation. From conceptual drawing to installation detail drawings, 3D representation and advice that will save time and money, our engineering team is a proven, innovative resource. Learn how our industrial mixer engineering services can help your business thrive.

A World Leader in Rotary Drum Mixing, Blending, and Coating Technology

We’ve been leading the way in innovative solutions for mixing, blending and coating since 1960. Take Advantage of the substantial benefits available to you through our years of experience.

Substantial Raw Material Savings

Simplify Entire Process

Major Electrical Savings and Rebates

Eliminate Rework

Improve Quality of Finished Products

Increase Production

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    We invite you to our test facility in Wisconsin to run trials with the 10 cu ft Mk VI Rollo-Mixer®. Watch your products be uniformly blended, or treated with liquids in multiple ways exclusively through “Free-Fall Processing”®

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