The Callaghan Family

Continental Products Corporation was founded in 1960, and is owned and operated by the Callaghan family in Osseo, Wisconsin.  Our Mom and Dad were married in 1947, they had eleven children, seven boys and 4 girls, as well as, 39 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. Five of the boys work at Continental Products Corp. We are involved in everything we do…. from sales and purchasing, to engineering, installation and direct service.

Mom, Dad & Grandkids - 1999

Continental Products and the Callaghan family are dedicated to manufacturing and developing specialized, high quality, rotary drum, batch mixing blending and coating equipment.  Through the years, all of the Callaghan’s have helped in the business.  Our incredible Mom raised 11 kids, ran the books, answered phones, and stood by our Dad and his business every step of the way. We feel very fortunate to have worked alongside our Dad and our Mom for many, many years.

Great Grandkids & Family Reunions - 2015

Every summer we try to get as many Callaghan kids, grandkids, great grandkids, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins and employees together for a family reunion.  In a tradition started years ago, the 39 grandkids proudly wear their white Rollo-Mixer t-shirts with the company logo on the front, and their name and number grandchild they are on the back.  The 16 great grandchildren wear green shirts, and the 11 Callaghan’s wear dark blue.

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