Turn Down Ratio is 10% of Rated Load Volume

Turn down ratio describes the maximum and minimum rated load volume levels in a Rollo-Mixer®. For instance, if mixer is deemed full at 300 lbs, a turn down ratio of 10% would allow for a 30 lb. batch to be done in that same machine. Depending on the application, it is possible to blend even less than 10%. Many industrial mixers have minimum fill levels to provide proper mix action to blend. The Rollo-Mixer® is very versatile with a 10 % and less turn down ratio. We have customers that blend 10,000 lbs and 1,000 lbs with the same results, in the same Rollo-Mixer®

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We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Rollo-Mixer® at our facility in Wisconsin. Continental will create a private video of the test, exclusively for your review. Viewing windows allow you to watch the blend, and microscope pictures showcase the Rollo-Mixer’s effectiveness. See your minimum and maximum scaled batches uniformly blended in the Rollo-Mixer®

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