Advanced Rotary Drum Mixing, Blending & Coating Technology

Continental Products Corporation is an industrial mixer manufacturer specializing in rotary drum mixing, blending and coating machinery, known as Rollo-Mixers®. Each of our six unique batch mixers lends several advantages to optimize the end result per application. Rollo-Mixers® are well known for their extremely accurate, gentle, consistent and uniform blending capabilities, versatility and award-winning liquid coating capabilities. As a proven industrial blender manufacturer, we provide the equipment that boosts your production efficiency.

Our Founding Father

D. Coyne Callaghan | 1921 – 2017

In 1960 our Dad, D. Coyne Callaghan, started developing first Rollo-Mixer® to mix dairy feed with liquid molasses. The same principle of gentle, uniform blending with or without liquid additives, is the driver behind each of the six rotary drum mixers, blenders and coaters we manufacture today.   Continuous improvements, a commitment to excellence, and direct expertise allow our customers maintain top quality performance in the field.

Family Dedication

Continental Products and the Callaghan family are dedicated to manufacturing and developing specialized, high quality, rotary drum, batch mixing blending and coating equipment.  We are very proud to work for our Dad, as we strive to continue his tradition of friendship, product development, and unrivaled dedication to our customers.

History Timeline

1959 – Mark I

Original Concept

1960 – Mark II

  • Designed to mix wet animal feeds with liquid molasses.
  • Three models available in 3, 5 and 7 ton capacities.

1961 – Mark III

  • Designed to mix wet or dry feed and grains with molasses, minerals, trace additives, and antibiotics.
  • Eight models available in 2 through 10 ton capacities.
  • Many are still in use today

1965 – Mark IV

  • Designed to mix dry chemicals with liquid additives.
  • Ten models available in 1 through 10 ton capacities.
  • Many are still in use today

1968 – Mark V

  • Designed to continuously turn, fold and cross mix any batch of dry particulate matter, with or without liquid additives, to a uniform blend.
  • Over 70 models available in models available in 10 to 10,000 cu ft load volume capacities.
  • Unmatched mixing accuracy – test proven
  • Unique “free fall impregnation” of liquid additives.

1992 – Mark VI

The Mk VI is well known for blending fine powders and dry articulates, for a variety of applications that demand consistent uniformity. Mk VI data shows industry leading results for many applications.

  • Unmatched Blending Accuracy
  • Featuring Free-Fall Processing
  • Batch to Batch consistency
  • Updated seal design

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1994 – Mark VII

The Mk VII is a drum blender designed for gentle/uniform mixing and blending applications with pellets, granules and powders used in many large scale plastics and petrochemical applications.

  • Designed for uniform Gentle Blending
  • Free-Fall Processing with multiple falling curtains
  • Enclosed turbine design
  • Advanced seal design

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1998 – Mark VII-1

The Mk VII-1 is a versatile rotary drum mixer designed for uniform mixing, blending and coating of powders, pellets and granules having a wide variance in particle size and density in minutes.

  • Mixing & Blending Consistency
  • Free-Fall Processing
  • Versatile solids processor
  • Advanced cleanout options

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2002 – Mark VIII

The Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer® is a dry blender designed for uniformly blending dry food grade powders vitamins, nutraceuticals, sports drink powders and dietary supplement powders.

  • Designed for high purity dry blending
  • No mechanical drum seal
  • Consistent uniformity
  • Superior cleanout and wash-down capability

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2008 – Mark IX

The Mk IX Rollo-Mixer® Batch Coater was originally designed to evenly spray two-part polymer epoxies, resin and hardeners onto a wide range of substrates

  • Designed for batch coating applications
  • Cutting edge coating technology
  • Pilot and production batch coaters

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2014 – Mark X

The Mk X Rollo-Mixer® is a food grade industrial blender for snacks, designed for extremely gentle batch mixing of very friable dry snack food ingredients.

  • Designed for snack blends, nuts and fruits
  • Extremely gentle food grade blending
  • Uniformity in 80 seconds

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"We love you Mom!"

Martha Callaghan