The Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry has many needs for the gentle, precision uniformity that different models of Rollo-Mixers provide. Fortune 100 companies use the Mk VII as an industrial mixer for catalysts used in tube reactors, including one application where 65,000 lbs are blended in 3 minutes. The Mk VIII is used to blend metal powders at over 300 lbs per cu ft which are used in blasting caps for seismic acquisition with an explosive source to achieve consistent timing of detonation. Explosive charges are used to perforate wells in preparation for production of natural gas and oil. Many drilling fluid polymer powders and various supporting products are also blended/coated in Rollo-Mixers. Dry liquid compounds made in Mk VII-1 Rollo-Mixers are used making calcium inhibitors which prevent corrosion in gas and oil pipes. The Mk IX batch coater is used to coat different sized buoyant spheres which line the jackets in drill riser buoyancy modules.

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Petrochemical Samples made with Rollo-Mixers®

The Petrochemical samples seen here represent some of the extremes for Rollo-Mixers. Powdered metals may be the heaviest blend yet at over 300 lbs per cu ft; one of the largest chemical companies bought the largest Rollo-Mixer ever made at 1,286 cu ft for mixing catalysts uniformly to cool reactors. And coating buoyancy spheres which are made with a completely automated system for powder feeding, liquid coating, heating and cooling.

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