Double Cone & V Blenders

Double Cone & V Blenders

  • Mix time is usually 20-30 minutes or more
  • Cone rotates @ 10 to 15 rpm
  • 1 Revolution creates 1 division
  • Difficult to evenly distribute de-rates uniformly
  • Limited batch size variability with in rated load volume
  • Access to clean internal surfaces is limited
  • Difficult to contain dust during filling and emptying cycle
  • Requires expensive foundation to support over-hung dynamic mixing cone

The Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer

  • Uniformity in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Drum rotates @ approx. 3 rpm
  • Divides & Combines multiple times per revolution
  • Blend 10 international units into hundreds of lbs. uniformly
  • Versatility – Blend 50 lbs. or 500 lbs. in the same machine uniformly
  • Superior Uniformity to V and Cone blenders
  • Dust tight load in and discharge with inflatable bladder
  • No overhanging dynamic load.
  • Easy Access with quick release clamps
  • All internal surfaces are visible & accessible
  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Available in 9 sizes, from 3.5 to 400 cu ft

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We invite you to our test facility in Wisconsin to run trials with the 10 cu ft Mk VI Rollo-Mixer®. Watch your products be uniformly blended, or treated with liquids in multiple ways exclusively through “Free-Fall Processing”®

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