Blending and Coating Food Products in the Batch Mixer

Continental has food grade drum mixers involved with specialty food processing applications that include encapsulating rice with niacin and thiamin vitamins as well as blending dried bean soup mixes with many ingredients. The Rollo-Mixer® Rotary Drum Blender is the ideal for blending and flavoring tea since this application requires gentle mixing of fragile tea particles while spraying on small percentages of expensive liquid flavors. Scoops of dried peach or mango are uniformly mixed in, adding aroma enhancements to the custom-made gourmet tea. Course and fine grade gelatin is uniformly mixed for applications in the food, photographic and pharmaceutical markets. Powdered health drink formulas are thoroughly mixed in the Rollo-Mixer® Batch Mixer. In fact, some recipes have over 50 ingredients which are evenly distributed with consistent, uniform results.

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Food Product Samples made with Rollo-Mixers ®

As Rollo-Mixers have evolved, so have the amount of food applications they are involved in. The Mk VII-1 makes leading gourmet tea, beverage processing aid powders and more. The Mk VIII industrial food mixing equipment is used for many nutritional powders, flavors and soup mixes. The ultra-gentle Mk X is an industrial food mixer that blends a variety of snack mixes including frozen and dried fruits and vegetables. See a few of them here.

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We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Rollo-Mixer® and take samples with your Food Product Blends at our facility in Wisconsin. Where you can watch as your materials are gently and uniformly blended or treated with liquids exclusively through "Free-Fall Processing"®

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