Visit Our Facility and Test Your Products

Continental’s product testing facility has accommodated more than 2,000 blending and coating trials over many decades. Our test facility is equipped with a variety of Rollo-Mixer® test models, liquid spray systems and heating and cooling capabilities. Companies that visit us can test their products utilize utilize one of 6 versions of the Rollo-Mixer®. Visibility is a key factor in helping us learn how products behave and adapting our coating technology to suit the application. Continental is able to share their years of experience testing a wide variety of products, helping accelerate the transfer from development to production. Scale up is 1:1 from pilot to production.

Send Samples and Test Materials to:

Continental Products Corp
50863 Elevator Street
Osseo, WI 54758

Mailing Address

Continental Products Corp
PO Box 126
Osseo, WI 54758


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Setting Up a Rollo-Mixer® Test

How to setup a Rollo-Mixer test with your products…

  1. Call to discuss your application
  2. Send in a small sample of products to be tested
  3. Review sample / Set Date / Send test forms
  4. Receive trial material / Run trials
  5. Continental will send back test materials and samples, microscope pictures and a private test video for your review

Where to Stay When Visiting Us

Our guests receive discounted rates when testing the Rollo-Mixer at the following great hotels….

Holiday Inn Eau Claire South
4751 Owen Ayres Ct, Eau Claire, WI 54701
P: 715-830-9889

Additional Accommodations

Staybridge Suites® Eau Claire-Altoona

1515 Bluestem Blvd., Altoona, WI 54720
Hotel: (715) 830-0800 Direct: (715) 214-2580

A world Leader in Rotary Drum Mixing Technology

We’ve been leading the way in innovative solutions for mixing, blending and coating since 1960. Take Advantage of the substantial benefits available to you through our years of experience.

Substantial Raw Material Savings

Simplify Entire Process

Major Electrical Savings and Rebates

Eliminate Rework

Improve Quality of Finished Products

Increase Production

Test Your Product

We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Rollo-Mixer® at our facility in Wisconsin. Continental will create a private video of the test, exclusively for your review. Viewing windows allow you to watch the blend, and microscope pictures showcase the Rollo-Mixer’s effectiveness. See your powders and granules uniformly blended or treated with liquids exclusively through "Free-Fall Processing"®

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Call us now to discuss your application. We have worked directly with our customers for over 50 years, and are happy to lend our trusted knowledge to your application. We’re here to help you directly from your initial interest, and testing…. to start up and for the lifespan of your Rollo-Mixer®

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