MK-VII Rollo Mixer Features

Improving Cat Litter Beyond Leading Industry Standards

Improving Cat Litter Beyond Leading Industry Standards

This Mk VII-1 Rollo-Mixer® from Continental Products Corp. is responsible for many leading and private label brands of cat litter.  Continental works directly with some of the largest manufacturers with all forms of kitty litter substrates: various grades of bentonite, varying dispersions of guar, agglomerated, granulated, corn cob, paper based, vermiculite and many more. Recently we tested with another leading brand…after applying the de-dusting agent in our mixer we were able to reduce the dust index level from 5 to .07 which is well below industry standards.  While improving the clump ability beyond leading industry standards.  It was the best they have ever seen.

Continental Rollo-Mixers lend great advantages to large volume cat litter production.  One of the leading brands makes over 1 million lbs per day on our mixers (13,900 lbs. every 90 seconds)  The Mk VII-1 is just one of Continental’s six different rotary drum batch Rollo-Mixers models.


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COVID-19 Update


To our customers, suppliers and friends,

On March 25, 2020, at 8 a.m. the State of Wisconsin issued a “Safer at Home” order pursuant to the Governor’s earlier Executive Order declaring a state of emergency. The Order requires all
individuals living in Wisconsin to stay home or at their place of residence, subject to certain exceptions, including the operation of “Essential Businesses and Operations.”

Under the Order, Continental Products is within the scope of Essential Businesses and Operations:
v. Manufacture, distribution, and supply chain for critical products and industries. Manufacturing companies, distributors, and supply chain companies producing and supplying essential products and services in and for industries such as pharmaceutical, technology, biotechnology, healthcare, chemicals and sanitation, waste pickup and disposal, agriculture, food and beverage, transportation, energy, steel and steel products, petroleum and fuel, mining, construction, national defense, communications, and products used by other Essential Governmental Functions and Essential Businesses and Operations.

Continental Products Corp. is critical to supplying essential machinery to the agriculture, food and petrochemical industries throughout the US. It is imperative that we stay open for the many customers who rely upon us in this unprecedented time for our country. Continental Products and its employees will continue to operate in accordance with relevant federal and state guidance regarding social distancing and safe workplace practices. Our business hours remain the same and someone is always here to answer your calls. Feel free to contact us anytime via email or our website as well.

Please stay safe and thank you for your continued commitment to our business.


John Callaghan

Mk VIII high purity batch Rollo-Mixer

High Purity Dry Blender – Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer

This Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer® is a high purity dry blender with 3.5 cu ft capacity.   This high purity spec provides high quality, uniform blends in 3 to 5 minutes with complete discharge.  Wash-down motors and food grade components allow it to be rinsed, sanitized and dried in 15 minutes.  Lexan guards for full visibility allow for a simple, clean consistent batch cycle.  Our customers find the Mk VIII to be superior for uniformity, consistency and cleanout – to that of typically used, V, cone and paddle mixers.

Continental has been developing the rotary drum Rollo-Mixer ® for over 59 years.  Today, the Rollo-Mixer ® is manufactured in six different versions for hundreds of applications world-wide and is the premier batch mixer in many of the industries it serves.

2018 will be our 30th Year at the Powder & Bulk Solids Show in Chicago.

My brother Bill Callaghan and I would like to personally invite you to attend The 2018 Powder Show taking place April 24-26 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

We will be at Booth #3935 to discuss your mixing, blending and coating applications and share our expertise. As our guest, use promo code PBSGUEST when you register to save $100 off the price of a conference pass or receive a complimentary expo pass.

Thank you!



Our founding father D. Coyne Callaghan | 1921 – 2017

Last fall, our Dad and founding father, D. Coyne Callaghan moved on to heaven. We feel blessed to have had him for 95 years.  He worked at his business for over 55 years.  Many of you will remember his incredible sense of humor and fun on the speakerphone as he answered your calls.   He was an incredible guy!  Married to our Mom for 63 years. They had 11 kids, 39 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. Many of his kids work with Continental Products Corp.

We are very proud to work directly with our customers and strive to continue his tradition of building relationships, product development and unrivaled dedication to our customers.

Visit our new Web Site – Optimized for Mobile-Friendly Viewing on Smart Phones and Tablet Devices

Continental Products Corp. has recently launched a new mobile friendly web site. will now respond and adapt according to the orientation of our visitor’s screen size and resolution. Now, visitors can view our website on all platforms, including smart-phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

From there, you can connect to our LinkedIn company page, Google + page, or our YouTube channel – which has over 60,000 views.

See over 300 photo samples of products made in the Rollo-Mixer® from over 15 different industries. Or watch over 60 HD Videosfrom customer interviews to complete batch cycles from your favorite device.

The newly revised site is a comprehensive, multimedia resource from numerous types of blending and coating applications we have worked with for over 50 years.

Thank you for visiting the Word Leader in Rotary Drum Mixing, Blending and Coating Technology. We look forward to hearing from you!

Founder of Continental Products Corp., D. Coyne Callaghan, celebrated his 94th birthday

October 27, 2015 – Founder of Continental Products Corp., D. Coyne Callaghan, celebrated his 94th birthday with his family on October 27th 2015.
This picture shows him seated in front of his 7 sons. From left to right is Bill, Coyne Jr, Hayes, Tom, Jim, John and Marty.

He started Continental Products Corp. in 1960 and has been designing, manufacturing, and innovating the Rollo-Mixer® with his family ever since.
Today, the Rollo-Mixer® is available in six distinct designs and is known to be the premier rotary drum batch mixer in many industries it serves.

Mk VIII Dry Mixer Superior to V Blenders, Cone Blenders, Company Says

The Rollo-Mixer Mk 8 rotary batch mixer is touted by its company, Continental Products Corp. (Milwaukee, WI), as a mixer superior in uniformity, cleanout, and overall efficiency compared to other mixers typically used in the dietary supplement and contract manufacturing industries.

The Mk 8 batch mixer uniformly blends dry particulates in 3 to 5 minutes. Like all Rollo-Mixers, the Mk 8 batch mixer creates rivers of material that gently divide and combine in the batch several times per revolution, resulting in a quick, gentle, and homogenous blend, the company says. The machine also allows the entire batch to empty completely within seconds. Read More…

Continental Products at the 2012 PTXi Show – Booth #4040

Continental Products Corporation, a World leader in uniform mixing, dry blending and coating technology, and manufacturers of the Rollo-Mixer ® batch mixer; will be exhibiting in Booth # 4040 at the 2012 PTXi Show in Chicago May 8th thru May 10th.

We have been exhibiting the Rollo-Mixers at this show for 24 years. Giving people a chance to see videos and data not found on line. Our booth will feature over 175 samples of products accurately blended and evenly coated in the Rollo-Mixer, from over 15 business markets.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mechanical Blender Replicates the Master’s Art

Creating distinctive teas is challenging, yet essential to private label success.

Hand blending tea with dried fruit, flowers and flavors is a long-practiced art undertaken by master blenders who each leave an indelible idiosyncratic mark. It can take years of experiments to achieve the perfect blend of tea, flavor enhancements and embellishments.

And that’s the easy part. It is only then you discover the challenges of scaling these qualities with the consistency customer’s demand.

Customers respond to variety; retail economics favor quantity. Years of retail experience led to consumer favorites from Earl Grey to Jasmine Pearl but these are now available anywhere. What sets your retail shop apart is experimenting with variations inspired by trends and seasons. Once you achieve success, you must have the production capacity and flexibility to balance supply and demand. Read More…

Continental Rollo-Mixer Industrial Processing e-Vent on GlobalSpec

The ability to efficiently mix and coat granular and bulk solid products is a common challenge across many process industries. The secret of efficient mixing is the ability to divide and combine ingredients into a uniform blend with 100% particle distribution. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the benefits of solids processing using a product that has revolutionized many mixing, blending, and surface treating applications.

They will also learn of a novel coating technology claimed to improve product quality while reducing raw material costs. The speaker has 30 years of experience mixing and coating dry particulates and has conducted more than 1,000 tests in the solids processing arena. Using videos, photos, and technical data, he will examine the vast world of mixing and coating, covering everything from plastic pellets to encapsulated enriched rice. Read More…

Uniformly Blending Nutritional Supplement Powders

As the nutritional product marketplace continues to grow, the search continues for efficient, consistent, quality solutions for dry blending. There persists, however, the basic need for uniform blending, even dispersion of low-inclusion additives, through clean-out and quick batch turnover. Unfortunately, not much has changed about the equipment used to blend nutritional, dietary and nutraceutical powders. Read More…