High Purity Dry Blender – Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer

This Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer® is a high purity dry blender with 3.5 cu ft capacity.   This high purity spec provides high quality, uniform blends in 3 to 5 minutes with complete discharge.  Wash-down motors and food grade components allow it to be rinsed, sanitized and dried in 15 minutes.  Lexan guards for full visibility allow for a simple, clean consistent batch cycle.  Our customers find the Mk VIII to be superior for uniformity, consistency and cleanout – to that of typically used, V, cone and paddle mixers.

Continental has been developing the rotary drum Rollo-Mixer ® for over 59 years.  Today, the Rollo-Mixer ® is manufactured in six different versions for hundreds of applications world-wide and is the premier batch mixer in many of the industries it serves.