Rolling Vibrators Deliver Good Vibrations to Rotary Drum Mixers

Continental Products Corp., Milwaukee, designs and manufactures horizontal rotary drum mixers (called Rollo-Mixers) for particle mixing, accurate distributive mixing, and liquid addition to powders or granules. The mixers, which are virtually self-cleaning, provide homogeneous blending, gentle and uniform mixing, and quick cycle times. In the past, customers with challenging products experienced problems discharging sticky materials that built up on the mixing drum interior, leading to long cleanout times between production runs and excessive product waste.

To solve this problem, the mixer supplier worked with a vibrator supplier to custom-design a rolling vibrator that helps release material clinging to the drum. The horizontal rotary drum mixer’s stainless steel rotating drum assembly (or batch vessel) with internal mixing flights is mounted on a rotating shaft supported at each end by a pillowblock bearing mounted on a steel frame. An electric drive motor connected to a speed reducer, which is linked to… (click the link below for full article)