Dry Blending Dietary Supplements and Nutritional Powders in the Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer®

The Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer was designed specifically for the dietary supplement/nutritional powder industry. Our customers uniformly blend sugars, vitamins and active ingredients in 3–5 minutes — with 100% discharge and no segregation. This industry traditionally knows V, cone, ribbon and paddle mixers to have inconsistent results, long blend times and inferior cleanout. The Mk VIII industrial powder mixer provides many toll blenders and nutritional powder manufacturers with superior, consistent uniformity, quick sanitation, thorough cleanout and fast batch turnover. While abiding by GMP regulations and food grade standards.

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Dietary Supplement Powder Mixer samples made in the Rollo-Mixer®

Here are just a few of the dietary supplements, nutritional powders, sports drink powders and active ingredient blend samples made better in the Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer.  Many of these samples have dozens of ingredients including vitamins, amino acids and flavors.

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We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer® and take samples with your Dietary Supplement Powders at our facility in Wisconsin. Where you can watch as your vitamins, amino acids and flavors are uniformly blended in minutes. Also test the ultra-fast cleanout / rinse and dry cycle.

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