Accurately Blending Investment Cast Powders in the Continental Rollo-Mixer®

The Continental Rollo-Mixer® has been used in the investment casting industry for over 40 years. Its ability to quickly and accurately mix these castabe powders is the key to their performance. Uniformity is crucial to the finished products in castable powder blends, as it directly affects pour time, set time and slump time. These industrial mixers for dental cast premixes are used for their unmatched uniformity and accuracy. They are ideal industrial mixers for many investment casting applications. From gypsum based underlayment powders to high definition casting powders, dental stone powders and refractory investments, uniform blending is the key. The reduction in expensive raw materials results in substantial savings and accelerated ROI for our customers. We encourage you to test the Rollo-Mixer® and blend your gypsum investments, refractory Investments, dental stone powders or other castable powders with us.

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Investment Casting Powder Samples made with Rollo-Mixers®

Investment casting powders are different hues of white powders made for the dental industry, while high definition castable powders blended in the Rollo-Mixer,  are used in the golf club and jewelry industry.  The Rollo-Mixer efficiently makes gypsum based castable powder blends that are consistent, uniform. These samples perform with incredible results during pour, set and slump tests.

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We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Rollo-Mixer® and take samples with your Investment Casting Powders at our facility in Wisconsin. Where you can watch as your materials are uniformly blended for optimum pour time, set time and slump time.

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