Blending & Coating Leading Lawn & Garden Fertilizers in the Rollo-Mixer®

In 1965, the Mark IV Rollo-Mixer® was designed for blending lawn and garden fertilizers. Rollo-Mixers manufacture fertilizers for a majority of the finest golf courses and major professional sports facilities in the country and around the world. The gentle mix action and dust-tight, simple design is well suited for the corrosive fertilizer environment. Today’s leading manufacturers use the Rollo-Mixer® Batch Mixer to blend and impregnate a wide range of fertilizer products. From coating lawn and garden fertilizers to mixing slow release golf course fertilizers, the Rollo-Mixers provide our customers with consistent assay results at a low operational cost. Continental is one of two companies in the world recommended by several national chemical companies for blending lawn and garden products.

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Lawn & Garden Samples made with Rollo-Mixers®

The impressive array of lawn and garden fertilizer samples shown here, made in the Rollo-Mixer, represent the biggest manufacturers in the industry. Our customers use the Rollo-Mixer® industrial mixer for lawn and garden fertilizers to achieve precise coatings, even distribution and total uniformity. These samples are what make our lawns, gardens, golf courses and professional sports turfs green, thick, colorful and beautiful.

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We invite you to run trials with a 5 or 10 cu ft Rollo-Mixer® at our facility in Wisconsin. We will create a private video of the test, exclusively for your review. Viewing windows allow you to watch the blend, and microscope pictures showcase the Rollo-Mixer’s effectiveness. See your lawn & garden products uniformly blended or treated with liquids exclusively through "Free-Fall Processing"®

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Call us now to discuss your application. We have worked directly with our customers for over 50 years, and are happy to lend our trusted knowledge to your application. We’re here to help you directly from your initial interest, and testing…. to start up and for the lifespan of your Rollo-Mixer®

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