IBA Award Winning Paper – “Exploring the Versatility of Free-Fall Processing ®.”

Many industries benefit from the gentle, rapid distributive mixing that is unique with the Rollo-Mixer® solids processors by Continental Products Corp. The Rollo Mixers ability to agglomerate, granulate and encapsulate is novel to the processing industry as well. Continentals “Free-Fall Processing®” method of applying liquids to solids allows for uniform distribution of liquid additives as the surface area is exposed in Free-Fall. The relationship of the droplet size to the particle size is critical to create the desired finished product; whether it is De-dusting Carbon Black, Impregnating Agricultural Chemicals, or Encapsulating Enriched Rice.

Although each of these processes involves a liquid being sprayed onto a dry powder or granular, that is where the similarity ends. All of the liquids we work with have varying viscosities and spray characteristics. The dry particulates vary in particle size and density and have differing material and flow characteristics. Even though… (click the link below for full article)