The Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer

The Continental Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer is a rotary drum mixer which is available in 6 designs and over 125 models; ranging from 3.5 to 1286 cu. ft. capacity. Now featuring the Mk VI Drum Blender, Mk VII Rotary Mixer, Mk VII-1 Rotary Drum Blender, Mk VIII Powder Mixer, the Mk IX Batch Coater and the new Rollo-Mixer Mk X batch mixer.

The unique Continental Rollo- Mixer ® is a Rotary Drum Batch Blender that uniformly blends ingredients having a wide variance in particle size, density, and proportions, typically in only 6 to 9 revolutions. Product moves by gravity in all planes. The gentle, low-shear, fast-moving, positive displacement action creates continuous rivers of material which course into and flow through one another in a random confluence.

Advances in cleanout / access & seal technology have enabled Continental to grow into new markets. We work directly with our customers & prospective buyers to develop exactly what they need. By relentlessly improving our products and our business efficiencies, to allow exceptional operating performance for our customers in the field - today, we manufacture six different rotary drum batch Rollo-Mixers; The Mk VI, Mk VII, Mk VII-1, Mk VIII, Mk IX and the new Mk X. The Rollo-Mixer® is known to be the premier rotary drum batch mixer in many industries it serves. Each Rollo-Mixer ® is designed and built to our customers specific batch, blending or coating application

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