Continental Products

A World Leader in Rotary Drum Mixing
Blending & Coating Technology

Continental Products Corp. specializes in industrial rotary drum mixing, blending and coating equipment – known as the Rollo-Mixer®. Since 1960, we have been working directly with our customers every step of the way to provide them with innovative, proven solutions in mixing, coating and batch process.  Our persistent engineering, expertise and development, have been delivering exceptional results for many top performing manufacturers.  As a result, the Rollo-Mixer® and Continental, have become an authority for a multitude of leading edge products across a large variety of industries.

Exceptional Uniformity

100% Discharge w/ No Segregation

Award Winning Coating Technology

Superior Uniformity, Access and Cleanout

Batch to Batch Consistency

Ultra-Gentle Blending

Watch as your products are uniformly blended or evenly coated at our test facility

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