Animal Health Products

Blending and Coating Animal Health Products in the Rotary Drum Mixer

Our customers, who blend vitamin mineral premixes, achieve low C.V.’s (Coefficient of Variance) with the Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer. Continental’s unique Free-Fall Processing ® requires less mineral oil to dedust these products when compared to other rotary drum batch mixers. Mixing fermented ruminants with rice hulls and limestone diluents is one of many applications where uniform mixing, blending, and coating is critical to the performance of these animal health products. New animal health by-pass products manufactured in the Continental include encapsulating vitamin C pellets and coating potassium carbonate. The Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer affords our customers substantial raw material and energy savings; one customer saved over $ 1 million dollars per year by eliminating the need to rework mixed product back into spec.

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