Dry Blending in the Mk VIII Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer

The Rollo-Mixer® Mk VIII batch mixer is a rotary drum, dry blender and an exciting addition to Continental’s line of rotary drum mixing technology. The Mk VIII is designed for uniformly blending dry particulates within 2 to 5 minutes, sometimes more depending on the application. Like all Rollo-Mixers, the Mk VIII creates rivers of material which gently divide and combine the batch several times per revolution, resulting in a quick, gentle, homogeneous blend. The Mk VIII can discharge the entire batch to empty completely within seconds! This Rollo-Mixer can be can rinsed and dry in less 15 minutes, as seen in our 10 cu ft Mk VIII Test unit.

Small-volume additions of vitamin additives are made easy using the technology. "We blend batches with 80 ingredients where we can uniformly add 10 international units of a vitamin into hundreds of pounds, "a customer as saying in our video. “V and cone blenders can't do this, and ribbon mixers definitely can't do this."

Dry Blending

The Rollo-Mixer ® Mk VIII batch mixer, has been making uniform blends with fantastic results for over 15 years now. It was originally designed to blend powdered drink mixes with over 40 ingredients uniformly. These fine powder formulas consist of 2 to 3 gram additives which are evenly distributed throughout the batch. 100% product discharge is achieved by gravity into packaging containers.

This revolutionary design is unique to the dry solids processing industry. The Mk VIII batch mixer is ideal for Food, Specialty Products and high purity batch mixing applications, where cleanout and easy access are critical for quick product change over between batches. It is an excellent alternative for these industries who typically use ribbon mixers, paddles, V-Blenders and Cone Blenders.

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