Rollo-Mixer ® Models

Rollo-Mixer ® - small and large batch mixers rotary mixer

Continental Products manufactures the widest selection of rotary drum batch mixers in the world.

The Continental Rollo-Mixer ® is available in over 100 models ranging from 3.5 to 1286 cu ft. Scale up is 1:1 for all models regardless of series and size, from pilot to production.

Choose the Proper Load Volume Size

Continental will help you determine the exact Rollo-Mixer ® model and size you need. Each installation is custom engineered for its specific application to new or existing facilities. Installation drawings are approved by the customer prior to fabrication. Continental products corporation supervises equipment start-up in the field. Our purpose is to train user personnel in the safe and proper use of this equipment. It is our policy to work directly with our customers to ensure that their finished products meet or exceed their expectations.

Load Volume Calculator

Batch Size (lbs/batch)

÷ Product Density (lbs/cu. ft.)

= Load Volume (cu. ft.)

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