Dispersive Mixing

The Rollo-Mixer ® rotary drum mixer has a patented attachment referred to as a “Product Intensifier.” It is an excellent tool for high-shear dispersive mixing. Known as “intensification” or “high-shear mixing,” dispersive mixing is a means of intensifying ingredients that are often used for pigment development in applications such as plastics or grouts.

Because of its unique engineering, the Rollo-Mixer ® will uniformly mix materials regardless of particle size, shape or density across batch sizes. It is a low-shear batch mixer that also provides high-shear intensification via the optional attachment that is self-contained to enclose dust. This unique machine allows you to gently mix materials at low-shear 3 rpm or create high-shear intensification at 3,000 rpm of the same materials within the batch.

There is no other rotary drum mixer that allows you to utilize high-shear mixing within a low shear batch mixer at the same time.

Rollo-Mixer ® Mark VI with 8in product intensifier rotary blender

Mk VI 50-25/60 with 8” product intensifier

Draw Down Test for pigment development

Draw Down test for pigment development

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