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Truncated Cone
Feature Continental Rollo-Mixer ® | rotary blender

Continental Rollo-Mixer ®
12 rpm Drum Speed 3 rpm
Low Energy Requirement Lowest in the Industry
4 Divisions Divisions per rev. 25 Divisions
2-3 Minutes Mix Time 2-3 Minutes
Gravity Load In and
Discharge Style
Tumble, Turn, Cut & Fold Mix Action Gentle: Mixer creates rivers of material which are divided & Combined by gravilty in all planes
Alloy steel trunion roller assemblies expensive to replace Maintenance Periodic lubrication of drive chain and bearings
Bolted Internal Flighting w/ Optional Full Seam Welded Construction Internal Flighting Standard Full Seam Welded Construction
Internal tip sprays wide pattern on to a rolling "bed" of material Liquid Addition Liquids are uniformly dispersed directly onto the particles with Award Winning - "Free-Fall Processing"
Spray tip is centrally located inside the vessel and is difficult to access Spray Tip Access Spray lance is accessable from outside the front of the Rollo-Mixer ®
Multi-Component Drive System involving belts, trunions and gears Mechanical Drive System Only one moving part, two main bearings and drive chain. No trunions or tolerances to maintain.
Longer Pofile - Load-In and Discharge on opposite ends of mixer Space Requirement Compact Design - Load In and Discharge on same end of mixer
None Online Visibility Product mixing can be viewed from both front and rear of mixer
2-3 minutes Discharge Time
(286 ft3@ 35 lbs/ft3)
2-3 minutes
3 to 1 Turn Down Ratio 10 to 1
Dependant on concentricity of rotating drum Mixer sealability Gas tight, water tight, dust tigh in all phases of mixing cycle
2 Versions available in limited sizes from .25 to 600 ft3 Models Available 3 Versions available in 125 sizes from 3.5 to 1600 ft3
Sold through Manufacturers Rep. Network Customer Contact Works Directly with Customers
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