Auger Type Mixers

Rotary Drum Batch Mixer - Auger Type

Rotary Drum Batch Mixer

Auger Type
Feature Continental Rollo-Mixer ® | batch mixer

Continental Rollo-Mixer ®
Auger In & Auger Out Load In and
Discharge Style
Lifting paddles feed material forward and drop into center mounted, flow-thru screw trough Mix Action Gentle: Product Divides & Combines by Gravity Throughout Batch Cycle
Combined motors = Twice the Horsepower Energy Requirement Lowest in the Industry
18 rpm Drum Speed 3 rpm
Not applicable Divisions per rev. 25 Divisions
30 seconds per ton Mix Time 2-3 Minutes
Muliple Drive components including belts, cam rollers and gear boxes Maintenance Periodic lubrication of drive chain and bearings
Liquids are applied onto moving particles above auger trough Liquid Addition Liquids are uniformly dispersed directly onto the particles with Award Winning - "Free-Fall Processing"
Requires Confined Space Entry permit and removal of safety screens access panels Spray Tip Access Spray lance is accessable from outside the front of the Rollo-Mixer ®
Requires 2 drive motors, belts, trunions, gears and many moving parts Mechanical
Drive System
only one moving part, two main bearings and drive chain. No tolerances to maintain.
Similar Space Requirement Load-In and Discharge on same end of mixer
2-3 minutes Discharge Time 2-3 minutes
None Online Visibility Product mixing can be viewed during operation from both front and rear of mixer
Dependant on concentricity of rotating drum Mixer Sealability Gas tight, water tight, dust tigh in all phases of mixing cycle
8 to 1 Turn Down Ratio 10 to 1
Sold directly or through Manufacturers Rep. Network Customer Contact Works Directly with Customers
4 Sizes - 33, 67, 133, 200 & 267 ft3. Models Available 3 Versions available in 125 sizes from 3.5 to 1600 ft3
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