Applying Hot Melts

Hot wax at 160°F sprayed with freefall process onto cracked corn

Hot wax at 160°F sprayed onto cracked corn
in free-fall.

Liquid Addition - Spraying Hot Melt liquids onto Fine Powders batch blender

Rollo-Mixer test unit with heat-wrapped spray tank.

Through #4008 spray tips

Hot wax sprayed through two #4008 spray tips.

The Rollo-Mixer ®’s Free Fall Processing ® can accommodate multiple hot melt liquid applications. Viscous or Solid liquid additives are heated in a pressure tank - which sits on an electronic scale. At low pressure, these hot additives are evenly applied throughout the batch.

Free- Fall Processing ® can control exact percentages of hot liquids onto dry particulates. This simple and efficient coating process provides uniform coatings and dispersions of hot melts.

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