Plastic Products

Blending and Coating Plastic Products in the Rollo Mixer

The Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer is involved in many plastic applications from specialty plastics used in the electronic industry to post blending plastic pellets for the automotive industry. Plastic powder blends with liquid and dry additives are uniformly mixed in the Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer to create recyclable plastic containers for the packaging industry. Coating nylon pellets with TiO2 powders or simply blending nylon with other additives is well suited for the Rollo-Mixer ® Batch Mixer. With Continental’s award winning coating technology, densifying polycarbonate flakes with polyglycol has allowed our customers to increase the density of the plastic ingredient while improving its value and performance. Regrind plastics are blended with small amounts of color pigments that must be uniformly mixed to match finished color specifications.

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