What Our Customers Say About Us

Never in my 30 years have I had a relationship with a vendor like you guys. I can always count on your quick reply, instant service or upgrades for our blenders. Your knowledge has saved me on a couple deviation beatings as well as a considerable amount of product that could have been destroyed without your input. Thanks!

Formulation Scientist, Leading Animal Health Manufacturer.

You made a number of profound contributions and critical changes on this project to get us where we are today! We made beautiful product! Can't thank you enough! All of us here owe you a great deal of gratitude!

Dir. of Manufacturing, Major Laundry & Detergent Manufacturer

The Rollo out lasted three other blenders - it's the best! We've picked up a lot of customers because of the quality of our products. Our business grew from 30,000 to 110,000 tons per year.

Mfg. Manager, Lawn & Garden Fertilizer Manufacturer

We have not had a batch off spec since we put the Rollo-Mixers on line in 1998. Incredible, since we run 24/7/365 and make over 1 million lbs per day in them.

Major Pet Care Manufacturer

It is fascinating to me that you can homogeneously mix 17,000 Kg's with all those ingredients so quickly.
And the drum rotates at only 2.3 RPM - It really blows my mind!

Senior Process Engineer – Major animal health drug company

I know I said this many times while I was on site, but I am really impressed with the quality of work in the mixer you have built for us. Hats off to your team for making another fine product that will last for many, many years in our production facility.

Operations Manager – Leading Fertilizer Company

Continental mixers, are the finest for mixing radically different density materials or Integrating trace materials, bar none.
Our batch cycle is 3-5 min for a 18-20,000 pound load, with a discharge rate of 3,000 pounds per min-- with a total, total clean out, no residual.
They last forever! Our Rollo-Mixer is over 30 years old!

Owner, Texas mineral plant

When we saw the test results from our blend trials, it was an OMG moment!

Quality Control – Flavor Company / Drink Mixes

If you are just looking to use it as a blending device, all the work I have done with the Continental mixers indicate that it is an excellent blending unit. The mixers in Cottage Grove are used to blend multiple powders with different densities and particle sizes, into an evenly blended mixture. Due to the requirement of well blended material for that process, the Continental mixer was chosen above all other mixers tested.

Process Engineer – Specialty Materials - Fortune 500 Company

We have several new products we want to produce that require encapsulation of two small element powders to a main ingredient. We need the uniformity claimed by your process. It cannot quite be achieved in a ribbon mixer.

V.P of Manufacturing – Absorbent Products Company
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